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Digital Journey is a social enterprise that delivers digital projects and initiatives to support our goal of creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to use, understand and benefit from digital services.

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Explore our resources website. Whether you need a quick guide to using social media, or to move your IT services to the cloud our resources will bring you up to speed.

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Digital technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, changing the way we communicate and altering consumer behaviour. Adopting new technologies and optimising your online presence can deliver improved productivity across all areas of your business.

The Digital Journey assessment guides businesses through four sections covering current digital use and plans for the future.  

  • Assess the strength of your online presence
  • Identify social & digital marketing opportunities 
  • Streamline business plans and systems
  • Improve project management and data accessibility with Cloud computing
  • Create your customised digital action plan

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Case Study
Gilberts Fine Foods

Local Dunedin bakery Gilbert’s Fine Foods specialise in creating delectable artisan products, owner Kevin took the Digital Journey assessment to develop a plan to improve his business using the Internet. 

“The Digital Journey website was really easy to use even for people that aren’t techno savvy… All it took was maybe 20 minutes, all of a sudden you’ve done it you’ve now got this report that says this is where you’re good, this is where you could do some work and this is really where we need to focus on and here are some tips to help get you through. It gives you all those things in the time it takes to have a cup of tea.”

Kevin – Gilbert’s Fine Foods

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